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NYC in Art

An art community about the City

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nyc_in_art is a community for artists to showcase their work about NYC through their medium of choice. In addition artist may post about exhibits/readings regarding NYC and ask fellow local artists about where to get supplies, a great place to photograph graffiti or anything else one might need to know about the city.

This community is open to everyone, not just people living in NYC.

Like any community this one needs some rules. They are as follows:
  • All art must be about the city. Just because you live in the city does not qualify the work as being about the city. Example: A photograph of a flower in your apartment is not about the city whereas a photograph about a flower you found in Central Park is.
  • If you post more than 1 image, or if your image is more than 650 pixels in width or 700px in hieght you must use the lj-cut feature. Don't know how to post an image? Click here
  • Please post work that is your own, and your own only. If you do post the work of another, please credit where appropriate.
  • Try and be respectful of other people’s work. If you don’t like something and can’t offer up constructive criticism than don’t say anything at all.
  • Posting about an art LJ with a specific focus on NYC is allowed.

    Any questions please leave a comment here for the mod.